Monday, December 08, 2008

Close to the finish line

I wrote my last paper last night. It's not totally finished; I'll do some editing tonight and tomorrow and submit it before tomorrow's midnight deadline. It wasn't that difficult to write so I hope I did it correctly. Most of it was copying and pasting bits and pieces from previous materials. I have two more brief assignments to complete and then I'll be finished. I have to get everything done before Friday, but my goal is to have it all done by tomorrow evening.
Tonight I have to go to Church as it is a Holy Day of Obligation. Immediately afterwards I have to go to band rehearsal. I won't get home until after 9:00 and I'll either go to bed or do a little work on my paper. Tomorrow will spent working on the paper and then Wednesday I have choir rehearsal. Thursday will be a free evening of sorts except for packing for the trip to Dallas. I may even get my assistant to do some of the driving and I'll read a book. I wish I had my mp3 player for the trip.
I talked to Marty on the way home today, but he's having a bad day. I hope he feels better tomorrow. I did find out that I got approval on my absence request for January so I'll be able to go to the shot show and hopefully see Marty at least one day while I'm there.

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LIGHT at the tunnel's end!