Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm finally finished with my grad school classes for the semester!!!!!!!!! I am so relieved to be done. It wasn't really hard... just time consuming. I made a 98.88 in my children's lit class. I don't have my final grade for my other class. Probably won't get it until Monday. I'm fairly certain I'll make an "A" in that class as well. Unless I did something very wrong on my last paper I should be good.
I actually cooked tonight and made pizza. It was quite yummy. Now I have to leave and head to choir rehearsal.
I'm starting to get ready for the speech tournament coming up next month. I also have to prepare for the Koobraey (Yearbook) awards as well. I ordered trophies for the tournament today. I need to order other items for the awards soon. Friday I'm taking a small group of students to Dallas for a speech tournament down there. I think it will be a fun trip.
My students met their fundraising goal so now they're going to get a lock-in if the principal approves it. It will be next Friday evening. I still haven't done any Christmas shopping and I'm thinking about not doing it at all really. I just don't know at this point. I'd like to get my tree up but it won't happen this weekend.
Well, I gotta run but maybe now I can post more regularly - at least until January.


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