Monday, December 22, 2008

I guess I spent too much

I went out shopping on Saturday after I slept off the effects of the lock-in. I guess that I used my debit card too many times because my card was declined when Josh and I went to dinner. I thought well, it was just a freak thing and then it was declined on Sunday morning for a $4.00 charge at a convenience store. I was not a happy camper about that. I used another card that I don't like using but when you don't carry cash or checks these days, it's good to have back-up I guess. So I went to my bank this morning and found out that I had a limit of using my card 10 times in a 24 hour period. So I had them change the limit just in case I needed to go on another shopping spree. I'm done with my shopping though. It was easy this year since we're not going to Albuquerque. The only people I actually bought gifts for was Josh, Marty, and my brother's kids. Everyone else is getting a gift card.
Yesterday I went to church and played. I came home and pretty much acted like a lazy bum. I napped and read most of the day. I did more research on the mp3 players and finally made a decision. I couldn't go get it yesterday though because of the issue with my card.
I got up early to go to the bank but found out it didn't open until 9:30. So I went to Walmart and picked up a few necessities and then back to the bank. After the card issue was cleared, I went to Amarillo so I could go to Best Buy. I finally decided on the little Sony Walkman 8GB player. It's about the same size as my old player, but it's thinner, lighter and has twice the memory. I read too many negative reviews of the Sansa players that I didn't want to risk another one. It was also on sale which was a plus. I got it for $99 and paid an extra $11 for the 2 year warranty. I'm transferring music to it right now. I lost all my play lists and subscription music when my other player stopped working so I'm having to try to find all those songs that I downloaded once before. I still have all my other music from my hard drive that are from my CD's. I'm currently transferring 539 tracks to it. I'll be so happy to have a player to listen to in the car again. I've missed it a great deal.
Well, I think it's time for a nap. I haven't started cleaning but will probably start this evening. I have to clean the kitchen to make dinner. Still haven't put up my tree. Thinking of just getting a smaller tree and just putting on a few ornaments. It's not that I'm not in the Christmas spirit... it's just such a pain.


☆Susan☆ said...

Oh my gosh! I hate it when my card is declined and it's because of something like that. I always want to yell at the bank "You want to protect me? Do it by not embarrassing me in public!"

Leann said...

It's a true pain when the debit card has issues :-)

Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday dear.