Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The joys of home ownership

While I feel rather accomplished in owning my own house, I have to say that it is not much fun when things break down.  My dad in his infinite wisdom once upon a time (since he owned the house before me) decided to move the water heater from the closet in the kitchen area to the garage.  Not so much a big deal EXCEPT that the pipes leading to the house from the garage through the attack were not protected.  As you probably are aware, it is BITTERLY cold outside.  So I get home today and discover no hot water.  After trying all the faucets in the house I figure it must be from the source and check the hot water heater.  Can’t really determine anything from that.  So I call my dad.  He says it is probably frozen in the attic and I need to put a portable heater up there for a while.  Ok.  So I go up to the attack where I discover that indeed the pipe is frozen to the extent that it is now split in two pieces.  So of course I call my brother.  He can fix it but not until tomorrow.  And I didn’t take a shower this morning (don’t judge) – I just put my hair in a ponytail and dressed as warm as I could.  But I cannot go more than two days without washing my hair because it just gets yucky.  I refuse to take a cold shower, but I braved washing my hair in the sink with cold water.  It was miserable, but at least my hair is clean.  I’ll sponge bath myself in the morning and hopefully by tomorrow evening I’ll have the water fixed.  Luckily I still have my brother than can take care of things like this or I would be out tons of money for a plumber.  We’ll get the lines fixed and then get them insulated better. 

So other than that exciting news, there’s not much to tell.  We did have school today but it started an hour late.  It was nice to have the extra time this morning.  I’m slowly playing catch up and getting some things done.  The yearbooks seem to be a pretty big hit, everyone likes the covers.  As much as I should grade papers tonight, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to.  I don’t know why I bother bringing them home.  I just started a fire in the fireplace and I’ll probably read on my Kindle for a while.  I also need to defrost the pipes to the washer so I can wash clothes.  In my next house, I will have a laundry room INSIDE the house rather than the garage and everything will be properly insulated. 

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Leann said...

So you brought papers home you didn't grade and made a fire....hmmm...something sounds suspicious here :-D

As for washing the hair in cold water, maybe you could have heated some up on the stove first...... just sayin' :-D

Have a wonderful day!!