Thursday, May 05, 2011

Busy Day in Austin

Not really that busy, but seemed long.  I was able to sleep in this morning which was quite lovely.  I will get to do the same thing tomorrow.  We left the hotel around 10 and went to the capitol to take a tour.  We also sat in briefly on a session of the house and a session of congress.  They weren’t doing anything exciting though.  They were reading resolutions which are typically pointless.  After that we went to eat lunch and then to Book People which is a large independent bookstore.  Of course I can’t go into a bookstore without buying something.  I bought a book of short stories about geeky teens.  Seemed interesting so I bought it.  After that we came back to the hotel.  I was tired but couldn’t really take a nap.  Finally heard from my friend Brent about dinner plans so we decided to meet up around 7:30.  We had a speech meeting at 6:30 and it was so frustrating because speech people are long-winded.  They go on and on about pointless things – especially the thank-you’s to people.  So we were late heading out to dinner, but made it around 7:50.  Dinner was great.  I got to see both my friend Brent and Marty.  Yes, that Marty.  The ex-boyfriend.  We reminisced and had some great conversations.  When we left and I got in the suburban, my co-teacher told me “You still like that boy.”  And it is true.  I still like Marty.  I always have.  He makes me laugh.  I enjoy spending time with him.  I just can’t date him any more.  Which is sad – because we often times have a great chemistry.  I just can’t handle the ex-wife thing and as much as he denies, it – he can’t let go.  He once again claims he has had his fill of her, but when she has another crisis, he’ll be up there lickety-split. 

In the interesting news category, Marty and Brent may come to my graduation next week.  That could be interesting with Matthew being there as well.  Also interesting is the fact that Matthew did not come up once in the conversation tonight.  And I didn’t really think about him.  My good friend Patrick sent me a message on facebook regarding Matthew and I’ve been meaning to respond to him but just haven’t had time.  He feels that Matthew doesn’t appreciate me (which I agree with) and that I should move on (of which I am uncertain).  I think if I truly had other prospects and an active social life, I would just say “forget it” and let him go.  But since that is not a reality at the moment and I do get to go out with him once in a while, I’m hanging on.  But I have that sense of detachment because it feels like he could drop me any second.  I get the feeling that he thinks of me as a temporary fix until he moves on to something better (namely a job back in Indiana) and therefore won’t commit to anything more than going out once in a while, holding hands, and kissing hello and good-bye.

I think I’m going to get to bed and enjoy sleeping in again tomorrow.  It has been a rather relaxing trip thus far.  Coming in a day early really makes a difference. 

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Summer said...

I remember Patrick from long ago. Is he doing well?