Monday, May 02, 2011

Ready for school to be done

I’m ready for school to be finished, but at the same time, I’m not ready at all.  I don’t want to talk about yearbook and all that needs to be done, but I hope it will get there eventually.  My students are doing research project right now but I’ll be gone Wednesday through Friday this week so I’m planning on leaving a movie for them.  I still need to watch it though.  I guess I will do that tomorrow night as I work on packing.  I’ll be headed to Austin for the UIL state tournament.  I’m excited that I’ll get to see my friend Brent and probably even Marty. 

Matthew canceled on me yesterday.  I rather expected it.  I just had a feeling he would.  So I’m going to give him some space.  But I used the time to work on the ad for the National Tournament book which is good because I was up until about midnight finishing the ad.  Then of course I tweaked it even more today.  I finally sent it off when I got home this evening.  Now I have to do a t-shirt design and my wonderful idea isn’t quite coming out as I’d planned.  I have a few days to work on it so we’ll see. 

I went to band rehearsal tonight and I realize I really need to practice.  Not sure when that will happen.  I didn’t really sleep much last night so I’m going to head to bed and read for a bit and try to get some sleep without my sleep aids.  I should be tired enough.

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T-Shirt design?

Go wild!