Saturday, May 07, 2011

Playing with fire

I had dinner with Marty last night.  Alone.  He picked up at the University around 9:30 and we came to the Chili’s near my hotel to eat.  And we talked.  One of the surprising things he told me was that his ex-wife told him that she thought he should get back together with me.  I think he wants to consider the possibility – but like a typical male, he isn’t certain and thinks he needs to have all his life ducks in a row before making such a decision.  I told him that life is too short to wait until life is perfect before you pursue a relationship because life is messy and sometimes it is just easier having someone to help you along.  He asked me why I would even consider getting back together with him.  I told him that I’m not sure that I would, but there’s also the fact that I like him; he makes me laugh; I enjoy spending time with him; and we have always had good chemistry together. 

But we also talked about my relationship with Matthew such that it is.  I told him my feelings and frustrations about it and he understands that I have to get that settled.  And even if I do settle things and let Matthew go, I’m still not certain that I’d give Marty the chance to pursue me again.  And he would have to pursue me – I’m done with the chasing game.  Spent too much time and money on that and all I got was a broken heart.  I think I once told someone to slap me if I ever considered going back to Marty.  Perhaps I need a good slap right now. 

Well, we are about to head home.  Our student missed semi-finals by two speaker points.  But at least we are going to get back at a decent hour today and I’ll have all of Sunday to recover. 

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Jamie said...

Aren't matters of the heart so difficult? Sometimes, just too much, at least for me. Have a wonderful Mothers day, today. :)