Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back Home

I don’t feel good about the interview.  I got stumped on a stupid question and can’t believe I didn’t have a decent answer – at least not until I was about an hour away heading home.  This was a preliminary interview and I don’t think they were very impressed.  I doubt that I’ll be called back for a second interview with the principal.  But at least that means I don’t have to think about moving.  On the positive side, I jotted down the questions that were asked after I left so that I can work on them for future interviews. 

I started getting a headache on the way back and it took about an hour and half to get it to go away.  I stopped for lunch in Wichita Falls and got it to go, but I stopped for about twenty minutes at a rest stop just to close my eyes for a bit.  I got a mountain dew and after the brief cat nap, I was able to make it the rest of the way home. 

Tomorrow is a day of work for me.  I have inservice for summer school.  No kids, just preparation.  I have plenty to do.  I’m going to take 1/2 an ambien shortly and go to bed.  I’m feeling a bit let down over the interview – but nothing that a good night’s sleep hopefully can’t fix. 


Jamie said...

Well darn it. I hate those stupid questions that are asked in interviews, good hell --- they often don't even make sense. When I have been faced with them, I have the greatest urge to say something back just about as stupid as the question was...notice I said urge, so far I have never used that tactic.

If you don't hear from them on this one, it simply wasn't meant to be. When the one that is comes along, you will ace the interview as easy as can be.

I hope you get alot done today. Hugs, friend. :)

Anonymous said...

So it was a training session.

Summer said...

Look at is as a learning experience that you gained valuable information from. I have faith that you will land the right job for you.