Monday, May 30, 2011

Made it to McKinney

I’m here after a 6 hour drive with one potty break, and one stop at Sonic for lunch to go.  I need to make a quick run to Target to get a notepad for my questions tomorrow and to jot down the stuff I want to remember for the interview.  I think I’m prepared as I can be.  I will go over potential questions tonight and just hope for the best tomorrow.  I’m debating what to do for dinner tonight.  I’ve decided I want Mexican food.  There is an El Chico here – which is my favorite Mexican restaurant, but I think I might just go for a burrito from Chipotle.  That way I won’t be tempted to have a margarita.  It’s no fun to drink alone. 

Matthew is on another kick of ignoring me.  I thought I might not have heard from him for a few days because he was going up to Indiana, but no, he’s been home.  I called him last night because they were evacuating the area where he lives due to fires and wondered if he was home.  Sure enough, he was home, but the area was a little more north.  But I’m not taking it personally – I’m realizing that is just who he is.  And since we’re just friends, it doesn’t matter if he makes contact or not. 


I went to Target and got the notepad I needed and some makeup – I figure it couldn’t hurt to add mascara to my makeup regime.  I went to Chipotle for dinner and it was quite yummy.  After that, I headed to the small town where the interview will be.  I drove around to get a feel for the place.  It seems like a small community that is experiencing a lot of growth. There are older homes in the central part of the town, but there are large modern housing additions surrounding the town.  The high school just opened in 2007 and a new elementary opened in 2008. 

I’m anxious for the interview tomorrow, but hope it goes well.  I did more research tonight so we’ll see how it goes.  I just took 1/2 an ambien so I’ll be sure to sleep tonight.  I don’t want to have interviewing nightmares. 

I’ll try to give you a report after the interview.  I have to head back home so I won’t get in until sometime tomorrow evening.  The ambien is starting to kick in so I think it is time to say good night.


Summer said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck from me as well,

Jamie said...


Let us know how it all goes and drive safely home...


Patti said...

good luck, absolutely!

Looking forward to hearing how it went.

Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday afternoon here, I guess late morning over at your place.

Good Luck!