Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching up

I caught up on grades yesterday evening.  I spent today figuring out which students may be eligible for exemption from the semester test.  I still have one major project to grade, but students have until Friday to finish it.  Tonight I need to get my semester test for the speech classes done along with a review.  But Idol is on so I’m watching it instead. 

Josh got home sometime yesterday, but I didn’t see him until this afternoon.  We went to the grocery store and I realize I’m going to go broke having him home for the summer.  I spent $146 at the store.  I usually spend about $60 when I shop for myself.

Surprisingly, now that I’ve resolved being “just really good friends” with Matthew, he has made more contact with me.  Of course now that I say that, he’ll probably ignore me for a week.  But it won’t bother me if he does.  Just that acceptance lifted a heavy burden from my psyche. 

So other than school, there’s not much to report these days.  I’m enjoying watching idol with Josh and his friend right now.  Probably the first time Josh has watched it. 


Anonymous said...

sounds good (getting some stuff done) and congratulations on your graduation last week :)

Anonymous said...

I think its good for Matthew to realize that things are not "easy".

Summer said...

A belated congratulations to you! I really admire you for all of your hard work!

After catching up, I was looking at the blogs you follow and I saw Pete's blog. He hasn't posted in a year, did something happen to him or his editor?