Monday, July 02, 2012

Ah summer…

It’s hot here.  I guess that’s no surprise living in south Texas.  Actually, it cooled down a little because we finally got some rain yesterday.  I think it’s only in the 90’s today.  I’m finally done with band for the season.  We had two concerts this weekend.  The first was outdoors at a mall and it was really scorching – at least during rehearsal.  It wasn’t too bad when the sun finally went behind the clouds, but I sweat quite a bit.  Yesterday was much better as it was overcast and cooler.  The only issue was dealing with the wind.  You have to keep the music pinned down with clothespins.  I’m glad for the reprieve from rehearsals.  It won’t start up again until after Labor Day.

Trying to get the house under contract has also been full of glitches.  I attempted to use a local title company but it turns out that Randall country (where the house is) requires a local company for the transaction.  The lady who was helping me with all of this was delayed last week in getting everything back to me so I just now got in touch with a different company today and am waiting for my uncle to send back the signed contract.  I just started over rather than making a bunch of changes that had to be initialed.  So hopefully we’ll be under contract by tomorrow.  I’m hoping that Wells Fargo doesn’t drag their feet on this.  So I haven’t been actively looking at houses yet.  That will have to wait another couple of weeks.  It looks like I won’t get moved before school starts. 

I’m heading to Boston next week.  I’m leaving on Sunday and returning on Wednesday.  I’ll be attending a workshop at Harvard that should be interesting, but also involve a lot of work.  I’m excited to be going – I’ve never been there before. 

Well, there’s not much more to tell here.  I’ve been rather lazy the past few days.  I’ve mostly been reading.  I started the Harry Potter series again and I’m up to book five.  I think I’m going to go read some more and take it easy.  I didn’t sleep much last night so a nap might be in order as well. 

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