Sunday, July 29, 2012

Counter Offer

I received news about a counter offer from the seller (Fannie Mae)  late Friday.  I originally offered $135,000 and asked for $5000 in closing costs.  House is listed at $146,500.  They countered with $145,000 and $4300 in closing costs.  The agent said that because of it being a foreclosure that this would be their final offer so I have to take it or leave it.  I’m a little concerned as to whether it will actually appraise at $145,000, but the agent has sent me information showing that other houses (though not similar in size) in the area have sold for much more per square foot.  So now I’m waiting to hear back from her regarding what happens if does not appraise at the sales price.  I don’t think it will be a problem, but just want to have all the bases covered. 

Other than that, nothing new here.  I’ve been taking some lazy days doing mostly nothing at all.  I’ve done some reading, watching the Olympics, and taking naps.  I realize that my summer vacation time is dwindling quickly.  Once I get under contract on a house, I’ll probably start packing.  I have tons of boxes now so I could get started.  Matt and I may head to Albuquerque the weekend before I start back to work.  It depends on how things go with the house-buying process. 

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