Friday, September 21, 2012

Dare I Hope?

Well, I think I will be closing on the house on Monday.  I haven’t gotten the confirmation of the time, but as far as I know it will happen.  I just got a call regarding the final amount that I will need to wire to the title company.  I’ve reiterated the fact that regardless of when things happen, that I must have keys in hand no later than Friday.  I absolutely have to move next weekend. 

There has been some active interest in showings for the rental I’m in now.  I have had to put the dogs outside and vacate the house for a hour most evenings.  That means I’ve done a lot of shopping.  Not necessarily a lot of buying – just shopping.  Now I have to really get in gear and buy a refrigerator, curtains, and a new door for the house.  I also need to decide on cable/satellite service and call the utility company for the changeover.  I think I will take Thursday and Friday off next week – especially if I can get keys by Thursday.  I would love to have a day to get some painting done. 

In other news, I did a presentation today at the Library Round Up.  I think it went well.  Several of my librarian friends attended and they seemed to enjoy it and said it was beneficial.  I went to some other sessions that had some good information so I think it was a worthwhile day.  Last night when I was trying to get ready for it, my wireless internet stopped working.  I was able to get connected with a direct ethernet cable, but I figured that my old G router was taking it’s last breath.  I went to Walmart after I got home today and purchased a new wireless-N router.  It took a while to get it going though.  I had the old router’s power cable plugged into my cable modem and I think that was the problem.  It couldn’t keep a charge.  I finally changed to the right power cord and everything hooked up wonderfully.  I love the fact that now I have a simple password to use for the network instead of the ridiculous long alpha numeric key that I had to use before.  The internet seems to run even a little better now.  I wonder if the constant hangs and freezes that were happening are because of the old router. 

Matt is coming over shortly and then I think we’re going to Red Lobster for dinner tonight.  He said he was craving seafood and I think they may be having an endless shrimp thing going on right now. 

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