Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Got the keys

…but not without more drama.  I thought it would be a nice easy day at work while I patiently waited for the funding to happen so that I could get my house keys.  Well, the day at work wasn’t too bad.  I worked on processing some new books most of the day.  But mid-morning I got an email from the title company stating that they had forgotten to send a few of the documents that were supposed to be signed.  So I printed those out, signed them, scanned and emailed them back.  Then I was told that everything was done, except they were waiting on final inspection from the lender to ok the funding.  Then in the meantime, I got another email saying “oops, we forgot that you had to pay another $295 that we left off.”  At that point, my agent laid into the title company person but I think I’m still going to have to pay it.  Regardless of that outcome, I was able to get keys a little after 5:00 today.  I went to the house briefly, but then headed out to look at refrigerators. I think I’ve narrowed my choice and will go back tomorrow. I also made an appointment to get an estimate on replacing the back door.  I skipped band rehearsal tonight so that I could do all this.  Now I’m at home and I should finish my packing, but I just want to go to bed. 

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Anonymous said...

Purchasing a home can be very stressful but also very exciting! Moving totally sucks but I think you are probably planning on staying in your new house for a long time! I enjoy reading your blog!!