Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Bang Theory Night

I stayed late after school today trying to catch up on my growing to-do list.  I’m not even close to getting there.  I started reading a book called The Art of Procrastination a few days ago.  It’s slow going because I am in fact a procrastinator.  But one of the things I’ve gleaned from the book is that even procrastinators can actually accomplish quite a bit because when they procrastinate doing something major, they are usually still doing a lot of other minor things as part of the avoidance, so in reality they actually get a lot done.  So that’s where I am now at school.  I put unpleasant things off to do other things.  I work on whatever strikes me at the moment or whatever may be the most pressing in terms of a deadline. 

I didn’t get the chance to eat lunch today so I went to Sonic for dinner.  I was starving so I got a cheeseburger, tots, popcorn chicken and a sundae.  I didn’t finish the chicken, but I ate everything else.  I was supposed to go to Scrabble tonight, but I got home so late that I didn’t want to go once I finished dinner.  I watched Big Bang Theory instead.  Now I’m watching American Idol. 

Tomorrow is an inservice day for teachers and staff.  We’ll have meetings all morning, then a break for lunch, and then time to work on our own in the afternoon.  I have a lot of cleaning and sorting that I’m going to try to get done tomorrow.  We’re getting visited by the Civil Rights Office in a few weeks.  I want the library to look good for the visit. 

Matt and I have to go to our marriage preparation classes this weekend.  They start at 7:30 and Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I think that if we can both commit to going to these classes at such an early hour then we should automatically qualify to get married in the Church.  One of the nice things about this class is that we will get $60 off the marriage license which is normally $72 and the 72 hour waiting period is waived.  I hope after we get this class done that we can officially set a date.  Several people are waiting for that information and I haven’t really begun planning much myself.  I have a few general ideas, but I can’t do much until I have the official date. 

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