Saturday, January 25, 2014

Three Day Weekend

I ended up getting the day off on Friday as school was closed due to “severe weather.”  It was really just a bit icy, but with so many overpasses and idiot drivers that don’t know how to drive in such weather, most of the city was shut down Friday morning.  One of the few exceptions was Matt’s job.  The City of San Antonio expected everyone to be at work at the normal time.  He made it but had to take some detours.

The new dog, Angie, is doing ok, but she and Mollie have gotten huffy and snapped at each other a few time.  No blood has been drawn, but they both have some anger/jealousy issues.  Angie has learned to go in and out the pet door, but hasn’t quite mastered remembering that is where she should be doing her business. 

Matt and I officially have a wedding date set!  We are getting married July 12, 2014.  Matt and I are heading back to Canyon in February to meet with the priest.  Now that I have the official date, I guess I need to start actually planning.  I’m not even sure where to start. 


Anonymous said...

So I will have a sip of Champers on the 12th of July !

Anonymous said...

A date and a place are the two main pieces. Everything else will fall into place.

Andrew Quixote said...

Will you mind if I ask for an invitation? Dad would have to help me and come along, but I would love to be there at your wedding.

The Library Lady said...

Andrew -
I will absolutely send you an invitation and would love, love, love it if you could come! That would absolutely make my day - other than marrying Matt of course! I'll be asking for mailing address in a few weeks - working on a wedding website now.