Saturday, January 04, 2014

The end is near

The end of vacation that is.  Just one more day of vacation left.  Well, I guess I need to stop being lazy and actually do some work so I might as well go back.  I should try to make myself go to bed earlier tonight.  I haven’t been as bad as I usually am during long breaks.  I’ve only been staying up until midnight or so. 

I didn’t sleep as late today.  I was awake around 9:30 or so.  I eventually got out of bed and got dressed.  I headed to Kohl’s in search of the yoga/workout pants.  It started out rather depressing.  Most of the official “workout” clothing did not fit at all.  I finally found a pair of soft gray yoga type pants that fit and another pair of capri type workout pants that were comfortable and didn’t highlight every inch of fat.  I stopped for lunch at Five Guys burgers (but only ate about 1/4 of the fries).  After that I went to Best Buy and got a set of over the ear headphones to wear while walking.  I used a 20 dollar visa gift card that I got from my secret Santa for Christmas. 

When I got home I put Mollie in her harness and we headed out for our walk.  I changed up the route a little and walked a little further today.  Mollie was looking pretty winded by the end so I shortened it some.  Matt grilled some chicken for dinner tonight and I made some wild rice to go with it.  After dinner we went to Peachwave, a local yogurt place, for some dessert.  Now I’m sitting on my bed watching Big Bang Theory while Matt watches basketball. 

We haven’t even tackled the mess of boxes that we planned to.  Maybe we will do that tomorrow.  Or maybe we will do nothing.  I did start some laundry.  I have a couple of books I’ve been reading.  Funny – one of them is about procrastination. 

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