Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Same Ol’ Things

I went to bed earlier last night and I guess I got enough sleep.  I was ok today, but now that I’m home I’m feeling quite sleepy.  It’s still cold outside so I refused to walk.  Maybe I’m a wimp because it was only in the 40’s, but I hate being cold period.  I did walk on the treadmill, but for only half a mile.  Matt is at work tonight and I don’t have band rehearsal until next week.  I cooked some pasta for dinner and I’m watching Big Bang Theory while sometimes reading my book.  Since I’m such a multi-tasker, I figured I could blog as well. 

Matt called me at work today.  He said that he went by the university that had a library opening and talked with the director whom he already knew.  He said that it sounded promising and that he was going to get his application submitted soon.   Hopefully that will work out.  He hasn’t been very happy with his job lately. 

Work was uneventful today which is probably good.  I’m debating with myself over weeding some of my award winning books.  I can’t justify keeping really old books on my shelf that are great “classics” if students are never reading them.  I started processing my new books that came in.  As always, it takes longer than I anticipate because sometimes I just have to stop and look through some of the books. 

Tomorrow night Matt and I are taking the online Jeopardy test to see if we qualify to be considered for a show.  I think has far more potential than me.  I know a lot of useless things.  He has a lot more sports and historical knowledge.  If by chance one of us does qualify, unfortunately, there are not really any convenient “audition cities” for us.  We chose Miami simply because my sister is moving to Ft. Lauderdale so we would have a place to stay.  But of course I’m getting way ahead of things.  First we’d have to pass the test and then we’d have to be randomly selected to audition.  Then again, you never know. 

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes with the Jeopardy tryout. You just never know what will happen.

Getting new books must feel like Christmas. I too would have trouble getting them shelved, wanting to read most of them right there and then.