Monday, June 09, 2008

Reunion Help

I'm working on stuff for the reunion and I'm seeking help from my fellow bloggers. First of all I'm creating a BINGO game for the evening of the mixer. It will be similar to a scavenger hunt where they have to find people that fit the description in each square. Some of the clues are things like "Someone that has two or more tattoos." "Someone that has four or more children." "Someone that had Mrs. So-So for Math" etc. If you have any ideas for additional squares, please note them in the comments.

Also, if you're a child of the 80's give me some ideas of pictures to use for a "Name that Picture" game. Some pictures I have are of the Chernobyl disaster, an Atari game, Betamax, Geradine Ferraro, etc. I want them to be something that isn't totally obvious - like Ronald Reagan.

Last is an elimination game where everyone stands if they meet a certain criteria until there's only one left standing. Examples would be the person that traveled the farthest, most legs living in their house etc. I need additional ideas on this.

So to encourage participation, if you leave a comment with an idea, I'll choose one person (by random drawing) and send them a little something.


Leann said...

How about the space shuttle discovery disaster?

Sounds like you've got things going, should be fun!

Oh....I can't come to Vegas. I had already promised my daughter to help her move, and guess which week she wants help in? I'm so bummed!!

Terri said...

how about a picture of the game space invaders or galaga or galaxa (not sure what it was called). Name all the kids on the Cosby Show. That last one standing is kinda hard; maybe one of the items is if you are still with your GF or BF from high school. :o) (that's me and my hubs) but would certainly be very few couples.

Anonymous said...

Rubik's Cube. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Tron (the film). Garfield. Who is the boss? Married with children. Olivia Newton-John. MTV started operating (!). First PUNK (Never mind the bullocks!), Sex Pistols, Ramones, later New Wave, DuranDuran, Depeche Mode. Queen. AIDS: A big desease with a little name (Prince). H. Cocaine. Beastie Boys, Run DMC. Not my thing. Billy Idol. Guns n Roses. Weird Al: Eat it! Lady Di. David Letterman started a show I guess. The president's name was Bush (!) Wasn't the father Reagan's successor?. All Star Trek. 1981 the Pope was shot, Palme 1986. 1989 the wall fell. Falkland War. Annie Lennox (sharp!) - where is she? Chrissie Hynde - where is she? Paul Hogan, Swayze, Bo Derek.
Demonstrations against the Nukes, Green Party started. Seas of beer and cheap red. Cigaretts weed and soccer.
Thank God it's over.

Anonymous said...

Sun Glasses. Everybody had to wear sunglasses. Women had large shoulders, stuffed things into the shoulders. That's all about fashion I know of this time. Pastell colours, neon.
Hill Street Blues. Cheers. Miami Vice (?). Time of the YUPPIE, there were other acronyms too, forgot. Helmut Kohl became Canchellor 1982. He stood in office for 12 or more years. C64. Pffff .... dot's all.

abbagirl74 said...

Van Halen album cover, Michael Jackson's red jacket, mini skirts with leggings, scrunchies. Oh and don't forget about the Dynasty women and their hair! Adidas high tops, chic and jordache jeans, jean jackets, lee press-on nails, headbands, MADONNA!!!!

If you need any more ideas, let me know.

Andrew said...

Malls, Video arcades, Cosby show, Growing pains, silly string, parachute pants, oh, I can't think of any more. Mago did such a good job.

abbagirl74 said...

Exxon oil spill, biker shorts, Jellies shoes, skater boys and skateboards, remember those socks with the little balls on the back?

Underoos, rolling up our jeans, John Lennon assassination, Cabbage Patch Kids, Mt. Saint Helen's erupts, Baby Jessica, the first CDs, and who can forget MTV!!!!