Monday, June 30, 2008

On the Road Again

Well, I'm not actually on the road... that was yesterday and I was really in the air, but let's not get technical about that. The point is that I'm out of town once again. I'm at the NECC convention in San Antonio. It's a total technology haven full of lots of computer geeks (my kind of people). I feel a bit overwhelmed and even lost. I feel that I have a slightly above average knowledge when it comes to technology but here I feel like I'm more of a bumbling idiot. Oh, it's not that bad, really, but there's just so much here. I didn't get to go to the first workshop I wanted to because it filled up. I've learned that you have to get in early to get seats to the sessions. I thought I was early by getting there 20 minutes before, but I guess that wasn't enough. Tomorrow the first one I want to go to isn't until after lunch so I'm going to go to the exhibits in the morning and then get in line for the room early. The second workshop was good until I lost the internet connection. We were learning about all sorts of cool free sites that teachers can use. I did get the main site down so I'll try to look at all the stuff at some point when I have time. The last workshop that I went to today didn't give me the information I thought I would get so I just did work on the video. I did visit the Adobe place in the exhibit hall and viewed an overview session of Acrobat 9 Pro and now I really want it. I'm going to have to get a copy of it somehow.
Now I'm back at the hotel and I'm continuing to work on the video. I've learned some cool stuff just playing around.
Well, I better get back to work.


Anonymous said...

Hehee ... as I learned from a look at the map just opposite the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center Elm Street can be found!
Have a good geek time - I must confess that I did not work too much with that "moodle"-thing they installed at my university, at least so far; maybe in the coming semester: The administrator told me to give the title and an explaining text in English! Tiny franconian university goes international, boah!

Summer said...

You're killing me with these posts. I'm all worried about the garage and you're doing creative things. Haha!

Have fun and a safe trip.

Annabel said...

I do promise to get to the garage, Summer. On an exciting note... the convention next year will be in Washington, DC. If I get to go again, that means perhaps we can meet!

Leann said...

Have a great time!!

Summer said...