Monday, June 16, 2008

First day of competition

This morning came too early, but I was awake before the alarm went off. We made it to the schools on time and I was very lucky to get a parking spot. I didn't have to judge the first round but I hung out in the judge pool room where it was quiet and I could plug in my computer. I sat and started working on the reunion book. I got quite a bit done today, but I still have a lot to do. I did have to judge a round of Oratory at 11:30. I wasn't that impressed with most of the students. Afterwards I went to get some lunch from the coach's lounge. I got about a quarter of a sandwich, some salad (that I had to eat with a spoon) and some chips. I did more work on the computer until I had to judge again at 4:00. That round of Oratory was a little better. I was surprised, however, that the other judge gave the one (first) to the student that I ranked last. Makes me worry about the quality of judging. You would think that actual speech coaches judging would be better. I'm not saying that I'm a great judge, but the oratory had no structure, the kid sounded like a preacher and was all over the place.
We left about 5:30 and went to dinner. We ate at Chipotle's where they make huge burritos. It was pretty good, but nothing amazing. It was filling though especially after such a wimpy lunch. We then went to Walmart since both Josh and my other student forgot to pack belts. After that we took another "scenic" route back to the hotel. Now I'm settled in for the night and will probably make it an early night to bed. I felt so tired today.


Anonymous said...

So it's down to business now. Have no idea how long such an event will take, maybe another two days? I hope you'll find some time for yourself. You are going to gamble a little?

Annabel said...

We will have competition through this Thursday for sure. No, I won't be gambling. Since I have students on the trip, I can't "get away" to go have some fun. They're not allowed on the casino floors so it will be a gamble-free trip. I really don't gamble much when I do come to Vegas. Sometimes I'll play a few slots but that's about it.