Friday, June 06, 2008

Progress despite tiredness

There's nothing like having company come over to make me get busy cleaning. I can't say the house is perfect, but it is fairly clean compared to what it has been the past several months. I even mopped the kitchen floor. (Shocked, I know!) Now I'm working on my room which has looked like a mini tornado swept through. I'm putting away baskets and piles of clothes that I've never gotten around to. My bathroom is mostly clean though I need to do the floor. I'm doing laundry off and on and have a large pile in my room to get do. My aunt and uncle will be here in about an hour or so and we're meeting at Feldman's for dinner. I need to go clean out my car since I have to pick up my cousin on the way to dinner. I just wanted to make brief post to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking.

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63mago, too lazy to sihn in said...

Alive and mopping - at least at the moment :) I hope you'll have a nice weekend with your relatives.
Should do some cleaning myself, the powder-thingy fell down and now my bath is all white ...