Sunday, June 08, 2008

Short Hair and a brief post

Well this is me with short hair again. It looked better in the mirror than it did in this picture. Oh well. I got it cut about two weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting a picture (other than the pop art one when I played with my MacBook). Last night we went out to eat at a Mexican food place called Abuelo's. It was very good but I ate way too much. I had the Laredo plate which had two enchiladas (beef and a cheese), a taco, and rice and pappas. I wish I would have eaten less and brought some of it home but I was a pig instead. I really need to get cracking on losing some more weight. I'd like to lose another 10 pounds or so before the reunion. Is that vain of me? I know I'm fat, but if I lost the weight I'd be closer to what I weighed at the 10 year reunion.
I played at church this morning. We're starting some new Mass parts so it was a bit different. The cool thing is that the instruments (well, me today) get to play in the introduction before everyone comes in. After church I went up to Walmart to get a gift bag and some additional items for a baby gift. I'm going to a baby shower this afternoon. I'm forcing myself to go beyond my usual comfort levels and get out and try to be social. I'm really tired though. I didn't go to bed until 11:30 and was up at 7:30 this morning. My aunt and uncle went to breakfast around 9:30 and I finished getting ready for church. I got there about 10:00 to practice. Now my aunt and uncle have left so we're back down to just a small zoo here. (They brought their three dogs with them.)
Well, I need to get ready to go to the shower. Be back later!


63mago too lazy to sign in said...

Another three dogs? You yourself have some I remember ...
Going' out a little more surely is not bad.
Have to go for my weekend-job now.

Andrew said...

I like the new do. You look soooo cute! I could pinch your cheeks! hehe

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How's it going? All well with that baby?
Don't want to be demanding, but you said you would be back later, so all is right?

It's just me... said...

Cute new hair. Not fat at all. Good lipstick. 'Nuf said.