Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shopping Day

My aunt and cousin went shopping today. My cousin's daughter is getting married and my aunt was going to buy her (my cousin) a dress for her to wear to the wedding. So we spent time at Dillards while she was trying on things. She was complaining about gaining weight and being fat when she has gone from a size two to a four. I told her that when she is my size she can complain then. After Dillards we went to JC Penny's and did a little more shopping. My cousin found her outfit at Dillards but my aunt was kind enough to buy me a dress to wear for my reunion banquet. It is a basic black that I think will be slimming. I also got two other outfits that I can wear at school and at Nationals. When we went back through Dillards I found black dress shoes on sale for $12.75. I bought those so all I need now is a pair of control top pantyhose.
I finished one of my games for the reunion. We're starting to get registrations in so I think it will be successful. I just hope I can get everything else done. I'm playing at church in the morning so I guess I should get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sounds all very relaxing! Such a shopping tour can be a very nice and friendly experience. Hope they'll have a real good wedding.

Andrew said...

Thinking of you today! I need to check my mailbox and see if the Rosary came. Phobias are acting up. Is this "the girl who can't say no?" were talking about? You are so good to do all that for the reunion. I am proud to call you a friend.

Andrew said...

The Rosary is here! I just checked and it was in the mailbox. Thank you, thank you so much. I will send you a thank you note when I am able. You're a dear friend, you know that?