Thursday, April 08, 2010

Almost Friday

I have a very brief assignment due tomorrow. It should only take a couple of minutes to write so I'm not worried about it. I need to work on my website soon. If I go ahead and get it done, I'll pretty much be done with my website design class. I'm going to try to get my last two assessments done and the journal and hopefully will have that out of the way. I finally got the rough draft essays looked at. Many were full of plagiarism. I stopped reading those after the third page. I told the students today to fix it on their final drafts. I know these are just standard students, but that's still unacceptable.
I stayed after school to work with some students from another school on their LD cases and earned $175. I was only expecting about $50 so that was a nice surprise.
I'm going to head to bed and see if I can some actual sleep and not be so tired the next day.

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mago said...

Ah, copy & paste, spell of the digital age, slap it round their heads.