Saturday, April 17, 2010


Though I am not sure that I will be, I have hopes of being productive today.  I haven’t slept much in the past few days as I’ve been concerned about the cat – who is still hanging in there right now.  Last night I was able to sleep a little more – at least for longer periods.  I still got up at midnight and 4 a.m. to help him use the litter box. 

Now I’m set up in the living room with my computers side by side trying to decide what information I want to transfer over the to the computer.  My old computer is only 40 GB and I have a small external hard drive that is 160 GB and is almost filled.  It has stuff from my school laptop, my school files, my old desktop and my old laptop.  I’ve ordered a new 1TB external hard drive and I’m going to try to put everything on there and regularly back up this new computer.  I do need to transfer some fonts, documents, and all my music. 

My ex-husband called me today to tell me the story of his trip to Vegas with his girlfriend.  Turns out that the trip didn’t go well.  She got really, really drunk, created a lot of drama and he had enough of it.  It’s kind of ironic because they were staying at the Rio which is where we stayed on our first trip there, and I got drunk and we had a fight, but I at least stayed in the room.  From what I understand, she was going up and and down the halls screaming at 4:00 a.m.  They came home on Thursday and he managed to get back home before he completely broke it off.  This is the second big drama thing he’s had to deal with.  But I think that is is lot… he has an attraction for women with lots of drama.  I can’t say that I didn’t have my moments, but I’m tame compared to some he’s dated!  I’m appreciating my own singlehood even more at the moment. 

Of course I’m spouting about being productive and I’ve already spent a good portion of the morning on facebook.  But to be fair, I’ve also done some laundry and contacted Canon in regard to replacing the print head on my printer that no longer works. 

Today’s agenda is to get through the last three tutorials for my web design class, post a discussion that is due today, and get started on my web design project.  I don’t think I should wait until the last minute on that one.  I also need to go to town at some point and look at more beads for rosaries.  I’m slowly getting the word out and people are wanting to place orders for them.  That’s one reason why I want to work on my website – that way I can get the rosary site up and running again. 

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Las Vegas seems to be an interesting destination :)