Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The diet

For the first time I had to pay extra today because I gained weight this week.  A pound and a half.  Oh well.  I’m still happy about being a size smaller so I’m not too worried.  Though I was not very smart after school as I went to the grocery store hungry.  I got three small things of ice cream and a bunch of other snacks.  And now I’m eating a big plate of spaghetti for dinner.  I just felt famished and needed some comfort food. 

I felt exhausted today.  Of course it is TAKS testing so the whole week is rather pointless for accomplishing anything.  Luckily I get to do the oral administration of the tests which means I have one student or a very small group and I read the test to them as needed. 

My to do list keeps growing and I still have a lack of motivation.  I really need to focus on the last assignments for grad school.  I have to get my website done by this weekend.  I also have to work with my group on a grant writing project.  I’m also going out of town again next week.  I’m heading to Austin for the state UIL competition.  Our history team earned the wild card spot and we have two students selected for honor crew.  Then after I get back I’ll miss another two days of school for stupid computer training – stuff I could probably do in my sleep.  So now I’m revamping my lesson plans for next week.  I wanted to start speeches, but now I’m going to cover interviewing and do speeches last I guess. 

Tonight will be American Idol and then to bed.  I’m really tired and I don’t think I can focus on anything tonight.  I might try to do a little work on my website, but can’t promise that I’ll get to it.  I think I’m as bad as my seniors right now – I have spring fever, senioritis or some combination of the two.  I want school to be over just as much as they do.

Now that I’m completely stuffed, I’m going to watch some t.v., play some skee ball on my iphone (my new addiction), and do a little web-surfing.  Yes, I should do homework, but I’m just not in the mood.  Don’t judge.

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