Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letting Go

Tecko died this morning.  I was glad I had another evening with him.  I finally got him to eat some liver on his own last night, but I knew it really wouldn’t help.  I just petted him and made him comfortable.  I knew he was close this morning and I waited until I had no more time before leaving for work.  He probably died within the hour that I left.  I came home at lunch to make sure and he was gone.  I thought about burying him, but I’m just going to have him cremated.  I’m taking him to the cremation place shortly… just trying to stop crying a bit.  I focused on cleaning up his bedding and the towels I had put down in my bedroom and getting rid of all the litter box materials.  My other cat did use the litter box, I only recently got it for Tecko since he wouldn’t go outside much.  Now I have to gather myself and take care of the rest of this. 

I’m glad I didn’t have to get him to the vet.  I was right all along, he was just more of a fighter than I thought.  I think he went fairly peacefully which is the way it should be I guess.  It’s hard altogether, but you just deal.  I have so much I have to get done today, but sometimes other things are just more important. 

In other news, I saw this vehicle in the area yesterday which made me a bit nervous with the threat of more storms.  Thankfully we really didn’t get much of anything last night.  Unfortunately, they’re expecting more storms today.  At least American Idol wasn’t interrupted last night. 

Well, I’ve got to head out and take of this unpleasant task.  I have to be back at school by 1:45 so I better get going.

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Anonymous said...

So it finally happened.
What can I say? Nothing you would not already have saied or thought. So let me give you a friendly hug ((Annabel)).