Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Two papers down

And I'm exhausted. I was up until midnight last night. I uploaded my paper at 11:15 but then had to get some yearbook pages uploaded. I have made an executive decision tonight to NOT grade papers. I am watching American Idol and not going to worry about school stuff tonight. I might regret it later, but I just don't care right now. I need to get the rough drafts for the English papers read but I'm just going to give them a make-up work day tomorrow. Some need to retake a test and others have some essays to turn in. My speech classes started 24 hours of silence today which means they have to be quiet in my class tomorrow. (It is a project where they don't talk for 24 hours and communicate completely nonverbally). I think I'm going to make them put themselves into groups tomorrow and communicate nonverbally on a project. It will be interesting to see how that goes.
I think I've narrowed down the new computer I'm going to order. I keep upgrading it though. Price with tax & shipping is now at $1035. But it should be a good system and I have money from school that I can use for it. This computer is making me angry these days. It takes several minutes to start firefox and if multiple programs are running it freaks out from time to time.
That's all the excitement here today. I'm just physically tired. I'm going to be in bed by 9:30 tonight.

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Andrew said...

I am excited about the new computer. Please share the specifications so I can drool and it will make me feel left behind about my new laptop! lol Love ya gal you busy bee you.