Friday, April 02, 2010

And so it goes

The paper isn't finished, but I've made progress. We had half a day of school today so I worked a little bit this morning, then had two classes, then continued to work. I have half of it typed and now down to the main part of the paper. I have the topics for this last section lined out and all the sourced marked. It is now just a matter of piecing it together. I ended up with way too many sources and had to pare down some. I was typing along today and just got to the point where I needed a break around 2:00. So I worked on my other assignment that was due today and got it finished in about an hour. I had to read someone else's research proposal and comment on it. I was in total teacher mode and wrote a lot of comments. I was finished with school at 11:20 today, but didn't leave until 3:30 since I was trying to get work done.
I came home and made some shrimp scampi with fettucine for dinner. Today is Good Friday so it is fasting and abstinence. I only had a small snack earlier today and I just ate my big meal. I took a shower and need to start getting ready for Church soon. I'm singing with the choir tonight. After church I hope I can focus and get more of my paper done. It is due tomorrow by midnight but that really means I have to have it done by 7:00 before I go back to Church for Easter Vigil. It's totally my fault for procrastinating and being rushed now. But I always tend to work best under pressure I guess.
Tomorrow I must finish and then will have to focus on my other paper due on Monday. At least that one is done other than editing some, adding sources and my reference list. I'm sure you're excited to read about all my work for grad school. But that is my life right now. No love interests. No interests whatsoever. I'm still debating about applying for the job in Dallas. I have no time for anything else other than homework at the moment. I'm looking foward to a time when I can read a book for pleasure. Go out to eat. Go to the movies. Right now my only source of entertainment is chatting with Marty in the evenings and watching American Idol.

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Andrew said...

As always, I love the details. I really enjoy hearing about your life. It makes me feel close to you although I worry deeply about all you have on your plate. I love that you went into "teacher mode". That made me smile so broadly dear friend!