Sunday, April 11, 2010

The "me" day

Yesterday was a "me" day. I slept late. I had a bowl of cereal and then took a shower around 11:00. I had to get to the bank by noon to deposit some checks so I did that and then headed to Amarillo. I got my hair cut. I'm trying to get a style that works with my naturally wavy (but not curly) hair which is mostly a pain. Stylists have commented that they like my hair, but I typically find it irritating. So I went with a bob that is just below my chin. Basically kept the sides of my hair the length it was, but had the back cut to that length and layered again. I think it works. I've only had the weekend to deal with it.
I went shopping and got some clothes in a smaller size. I'm almost down to a relatively normal size (14) but hope to get to a 12 or a 10 would be better. I've lost about 18 pounds on a good day but I need to start working at it more. My friend Pam and I went to On the Border for lunch and I totally blew the diet, but it was so good. We then went to a craft store and a beauty store. I got some more rosary beads and some cream stuff for my hair. I then dropped my friend off at her car and went to the bookstore but didn't find anything for myself. I did get a book for Josh, but I decided I should just read the books I have at home first. By that time I was thoroughly exhausted and full from lunch so a nap was in order. I came home and napped and then got up around 7:00 and watched t.v., surfed the web, and pretty much did nothing important though I did start a new book.
Today I played at Mass, went to the grocery store and then ordered a pizza for lunch/dinner. I read some of my book then napped a little bit until we got a little bit of thunder. Of course my dogs freaked a little bit. We didn't any kind of thunderstorm, just a little rain. Everything stayed to the east. I started generating some ideas for my website project today and posted two grants for my assignment due this week. I didn't grade papers, but I only have a few to grade and can do that tomorrow. I'm going to head to bed now and read my book for a while.

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mago said...

Bob, Book, Bed.