Sunday, April 03, 2011

Greatest Girlfriend Ever

At least that is what I tell Matthew that I am.  I think maybe he’s starting to realize it.  I had a very special birthday planned.  Nothing extravagant – we didn’t go anywhere or really do anything, but I did a lot of work.  Last night I made a white chocolate raspberry cake.  It turned out really pretty.  I have pictures, but can’t transfer them from my camera until I get a card reader.  I went to the 8:30 mass this morning so I could get back and get lunch prepared.  I made enchiladas and spanish rice.  I headed over to his place around 11:30 and cooked the enchiladas in his oven.  The rice was done, but I also made queso.  Then Matthew opened his presents.  I got him three DVDs.  (He just got a DVD player for the first time at Christmas) I also found him a nice table-top water fountain.  He seemed to like it.  I did tell him that on the way over that I decided that if all my work didn’t impress him that I would have to tell him to go to hell and walk away.  Luckily, he was impressed.  The food was good and I thought the cake turned out really well.  It was quite yummy.  We shared a bottle of wine and watched one of the DVDs.  Then we sat on his balcony and talked for a bit.  He wasn’t ready to talk about relationship stuff when I tried to steer him in that direction, but I gave him a break since it was his birthday.  He’s still having issues with a pinched nerve or something that sends spasms down his hip and leg.  I told him that he needed to go see a chiropractor.  Don’t know if he’ll listen to me or not.  He did say that I am very sweet and he probably takes me for granted. 

I came home and rested for a bit and then went to my church prayer group meeting.  I got home after 9:00 and spent the last hour writing the thank-you’s to all the people that interviewed me.  They are supposed to make a decision sometime this week.  Keep your fingers crossed and the prayers going.  I would love to get the job. 

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