Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running Ragged Again

I’m feeling better, but still have a tickling in my throat.  At least I didn’t feel completely exhausted today.  I talked with Matthew on the phone for a bit last night and asked him to think about doing a ballroom dancing class with me this summer.  I think that will depend on his foot getting better.  He said that if it’s not better by next week, he’ll go to a doctor.  It’s the only thing left that is hurting. 

Today was a long day that still seemed to go by fast.  We had shorter class periods today because we were on a special schedule so that all the students could watch the school’s One Act Play.  I gave a really hard test to my English students.  I don’t know how they did, but probably not very well.  I will grade them while I’m in Abilene this weekend at Regionals.  I had to stay after school to get ready for my sub.  I planned to only stay an hour but it ended up being 2 1/2 hours.  I rushed home and had to pick up dog food for the dogs since I’m going to be gone and I’m having someone else come over to feed them.  Then I picked up Wendy’s for dinner and was headed to choir rehearsal when I spilled water all over my pants.  So I had to come home to change and then I went to rehearsal.  I got back about 9:15 and was in the process of packing before I got distracted by my computer.  At least that means I posted something today.

I have leave the house by 6:30 tomorrow morning because we load the bus at 7:15 and I still have to go by my room to pick up a computer and printer for the journalism student.  Then we drive 4 1/2 hours to Abilene.  On Saturday morning I have to take my library certification exam.  Then I have to go back to the contest and wait for results.  We head back on Sunday morning.  The school year is winding down fast and I’m not even close to being done with all that I need to do.  I just need to lock myself in my classroom for a weekend and maybe I’ll catch up.

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Best luck for the exam!