Sunday, April 17, 2011

State Bound

I left for the regional competition in Abilene early Friday morning.  We arrived around noon and stopped at the mall for lunch.  The first competition started at 3:30 which was LD debate.  After three rounds of debate all the coaches were called in for verification.  There were some issues at that point because a decision had not been made whether to go to quarters or straight to semi-finals.  Since there was a clear break of 4 teams with a perfect record; it made sense to go straight to semis – especially since our student was in the top four.  But the contest director after already presenting results of how our students did, expected coaches to make the decision which was completely ridiculous.  They were geared to go to quarters until another school from our district and our speech coach filed protests.  They called the state office and after much discussion, it was decided to go to straight to semi-finals which was a benefit to our student.  She ended up placing 2nd and qualified for state.  This means I’ll be going to Austin in three weeks.  Our social studies team also placed first so they will be going as well. 

I took my library certification exam on Saturday morning. It was a hundred question test.  I feel ok about it, but there were several questions that I had no idea on the answers.  I was the first to finish and it took me an hour and a half.  Now it is just a matter of waiting to see if I passed.  This test doesn’t affect my graduation, but to get my state certification, I have to pass it.  This is in order to be able to be a librarian at any public school in the state. 

We left this morning at 8:00, stopped for lunch around 11:00 and I got back a little after 2:00.  Matthew met me here at my house and we went to an orchestra concert.  After it was over, we went to an early dinner and visited for a while.  I think we were both tired so after that, he dropped me at my house and headed back.  I took a nap. 

It’s going to be a busy few weeks.  This week is Holy Week so I’ll be involved in church stuff Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Then I leave Sunday to drive to Waco for a competition and back on Tuesday.  I’ll have the next weekend off and then the first weekend in May is when I’ll be going to Austin for the state competition.  Then the following week is my graduation.  Matthew is going to fly down Friday morning and I’ll pick him up at the airport and then he can ride back with me on Sunday.  I originally was only going to take Friday off for my graduation and drive down there Thursday evening, but I think I will take at least 1/2 a day on Thursday so I can leave earlier and then have dinner with Josh that evening before he flies out for LA.

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Anonymous said...

Busy, well saied - I feel exhausted by reading it!

Your exam seemingly went well, hundred questions in 90 minutes means that there were a lot you could answer just so - tick - next. I think it looks sure that you passed this test.
Your graduation will be in the middle of MAy. I have no idea what it means in America - is there a kind of "program"? I received one or two "Zeugnisse" in my live and the circumstances ranged from "grab that paper her and bye" to "Festakt in der Aula mit Ansprache" and musical interlude - I simply do not know what there is to expect.
Sorry for the typos, I'm a bit beside meself.