Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The joys of state testing

Today was TAKS testing day at school.  It is a long, dull day of watching students take a state mandated test.  And we can do nothing but just watch.  We can’t read a book or do anything other than monitor students.  Luckily I was testing with two other teachers so I did get a good long break, but I used it to put together an assignment for a student in prime time.  This week is pretty much a wasted week and a wash in terms of getting any class work done. I also have the issue of the fact that I’ll be gone for three days next week to go to the state competition and then the week after that I’ll be gone a day and a half for my graduation.  I need to figure out what to leave for my classes. 

I have a preliminary job interview on Friday with another school district in the area.  For this district, you have to interview with someone in the district administration before you can be considered for an interview at a specific campus.  I do know that a librarian within the district is retiring so if all goes well, I will be able to move on to a campus interview.  When I talked to the district librarian about setting up an interview she said that she already had my information on her desk so hopefully that is a good sign. 

Right now I’m watching last week’s episodes of American Idol.  Then at 7:00 I will watch this week’s.  Usually I find out who gets voted off before I have a chance to watch it but this week I have no idea.  Nobody made comments on facebook so I have no idea. 

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