Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back in Sweetwater

I made a quick trip back to Canyon/Amarillo.  Got there around noon.  I packed up unsold stuff from the garage sale for charity and put a few things in my car to take back with me.  I had to meet with the teacher that is taking over yearbook and go over some things with her – and give her the external yearbook drive.  I then visited with my friend Pam for a little bit before I started the trek back.  I’m staying the night in Sweetwater again.  I’ve been booking my hotel via hotwire and am saving about $35 a night.  Instead of paying $99 for a room, I’m getting it for $64 at the Holiday Inn Express.  Maybe by staying here two nights in a row, I’ll be smarter tomorrow. 

I plan to head back as early as I can get up in the morning.  I’m not setting an alarm, however.  Josh is heading back to college on Monday.  I’ll be on my own in a big city after that.  But I think it’s all good.  Despite the few inconveniences I’ve had to deal with, I’m enjoying being there so far.  I’m even handling the traffic pretty well which really hasn’t been too bad.  It’s much worse in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. 

I woke up last night very disoriented.  I thought I was in my room back in SA, but I couldn’t figure out why my dresser wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  It took a minute for me to figure out where I was.

Today I saw a car in front of me that had a bumper sticker that says “Abortion Kills.”  And then I saw the driver stick her hand out the window and flick ashes from a cigarette.  I don’t know why that struck me as being odd.  You’d think they would realize that cigarettes kill too.

Well, I’m pretty tired after a lot of driving today.  Think I’ll get some sleep – hopefully I won’t freak out in the middle of the night wondering where I am. 

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with all this - you can not say it would be boring! :)