Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Busy few days

Still unpacking.  Probably will be for months.  I have new furniture though!  The couch is much larger than I expected, but I really love it.  It does seem to work in the position I wanted it, but there’s really no room for the end table, but I’ll do something about it.  Marty came over today to make 3 runs to the furniture store to pick it all up and get it inside.  He came with his daughter Sarah who is visiting.  It was a really nice day to spend with him and his daughter.  We did the three runs to the furniture store, then started to get the washer and dryer in when we realized that I have the wrong plug for the dryer.  My other house was much older and only had the three prong plug.  This house is only 5 years old so I needed the four prong.  So we made yet another trip back to the same area where the furniture store is and went to Sears to get the right cord.  Marty got it installed and now my new washer and dryer and up and running.  Then Marty, Sarah (his daughter) and I went to the pool for about an hour.  It was great – but I did discover some things.

First, you must understand that I grew up a water baby of sorts.  I used to spend every day at the pool when I was in elementary school.  I taught myself how to swim and to dive.  At band camp, I used to win the underwater swim every year (how far you can go under water with just one breath.)  But the fact is that I haven’t really been swimming in a long time.  The last time I really remember swimming to some degree was on my honeymoon.  But I do love to swim and I’m  good swimmer.  But I’ve discovered that it’s harder for me to swim underwater because I’m far to buoyant these days.  But I can also float on my back without going under and without a raft.  I can still swim well, but it is more difficult to do much more than two laps without resting.  I am far more graceful in the water.  I hope that I will continue going to the pool and swim laps at least a few times a week. 

After we finished at the pool, I started making dinner.  Marty and Sarah started watching the movie Willow.  I made dinner (San Francisco Chops) and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We finished the movie and then it was time for Marty and Sarah to head back to Austin.  Before leaving, Marty gave me a quick kiss and told me that he would visit again and that he would come to see movies with me. 

Tomorrow I start my new career as librarian.  It has been kind of vague as to what exactly I’m supposed to do.  I got an email that I was to report to training at 10 am tomorrow downtown, but nothing about earlier that morning.  I’m going to go ahead and go to the school and see if I can get keys and such and figure out what I need to bring to get ready for the year. 

Now that I have a dresser and chest in my room, I think I’m going to try to get some clothes unpacked so I will be ready to go in the morning.  Everything has been so chaotic that I haven’t really had time to stress about the new job.  I guess I’ll figure things out as they come. 


Leann said...

Yay for new furniture!!! Good luck with your job tomorrow. I hope it flows smoothly and you're meeting some terrific people. ((Hugs))

Blessed be.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the new job! Glad you had a few busy but good days already in the new house. Going to the pool would be nice!

Jamie said...

Good luck today!

As if you need luck, hell you know what you're doing. So --- just have fun today.


Andrew said...

I am so excited for you! Don't overdo and wear yourself out. I honestly didn't think you could make the transition, but you proved me wrong! Blessed Be the Annabel!

Anonymous said...

My congratulations and best wishes! It's adventure, ha!
Swimming is a good thing for the back, and everything else! :)

Anonymous said...

Very happy for you! I bet you are both excited and nervous to start the new job. Please post some pictures of you rnew furniture!