Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So much for being productive

I was actually quite productive until yesterday.  On Friday I set up for the garage sale ALL night.  Really.  I didn’t go to sleep at all.  Considering that I didn’t advertise it other than the sign in my yard, I thought it was a decent turnout.  I got rid of a bunch of the big stuff by giving it away.  I made about $185 overall and got rid of a little more than half the stuff so I thought that was pretty good. 

So Saturday was the garage sale and I was tired.  I managed to get through until around 2:00 when it became evident that it was just too hot for people to stop by.  I pulled all the stuff in the garage and went to take a brief nap.  I slept for a couple of hours and then my friend Pam came and got all my leftover clothes to take to charity.  Then I went to have dinner with Matthew.  We had a nice dinner and surprisingly, he gave me a hug and kiss after he brought me back home. 

On Sunday I went to church.  Josh and I played for the last time.  As soon as church was over, I filled my car up with gas, headed up to get my phone (that I left there) and got the lunch that Josh picked up for me at Sonic.  I then hit the road to Austin.  I stayed with my friend Brent and we went to dinner when I got there.  We came back to his place and I called it a night as I was still pretty tired.

Monday I headed to San Antonio.  I went to the human resources office to sign my service records.  Then I attempted the DMV to change my license, but it was really full.  I decided not to bother with that so I went to the post office to request a key for the postal box.  They said they would have to order it and it would take a few days, but they would make the request.  Then I went to the bank to change my address.  After that, I headed across town to get the card for the community pool.  I tried to go to a different DMV office while there and the line was outside so I decided perhaps I didn’t need a new picture for my license.  Sure, I can update it online, but my picture is 7 years old and shows me 30 pounds heavier with much longer hair.  After that, I started doing furniture shopping.  I found some things I liked but needed time to mull it over so I took pictures and went to lunch.  I ate at a Thai restaurant in the shopping area relatively close to my house.  Then I headed to the new place to get the keys. 

I got the keys and brought in all the clothes that I had loaded in my car.  I have to say that I’m going to LOVE having a walk-in closet.  I am not sure how I lived without one.  I updated my truck reservation and then headed back to the furniture store to see about getting some stuff for the new house.  I ended up buying the floor models of a living room set and a bedroom set as well as a mattress.  I saved about $1300 overall and will be able to pick everything up except the mattress this weekend.  I’m really excited to have new furniture.  I’ve never had my own complete set of new stuff – aside from the bedroom furniture I got in the 6th grade.  I’ve bought a desk here and there – and my bed, but mostly I’ve lived with hand-me-downs. I figure my new start deserves new furniture as well. 

I spent the night in my new place on Monday.  I took an air mattress with me.  Other than the barking dog behind me, it was fine.  My cousin picked me up on Tuesday morning and took me to the airport.  I was fine until the end of the flight when my nose started running.  A full blown allergy attack hit me like a ton of bricks.  Josh picked me up from the airport and we went to home depot to get more boxes, then to Applebees for lunch.  By then I was pretty miserable.  When we got home I took a zyrtec and rested for a bit, but it didn’t help.  Josh and I had to head back to Amarillo around 4:00 to pick up Mollie from the vet.  She was spayed yesterday. 

We came home and I just got more miserable.  Finally I took a benadryl which helped, but also knocked me out.  Though the sneezing is gone this morning, I just feel drained and my throat is sore.  I’m not sure how much I’m going to get accomplished today.  I think today’s focus will be to take care of the online stuff.  I have to update my email address for everything I do online as I will lose my current one when I cancel my cable and internet service on Friday.  So much to do – sucks to be sick when there’s work to be done.

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