Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going for broke

Literally.  I went to get my car inspected today.  The tread on my tires was too low so it wouldn’t pass.  So $500 later I have new tires and an inspection sticker.  I hope I’m able to get my Visa bill paid off before I have to start paying my student loans in January.  Moving has been really expensive.  But so far I’m liking the new house and the job.  Though my house could use more storage (namely drawers), I love the space I have.  I have a giant bedroom compared to my last room.  I bought all new furniture and with a new queen size bed, night stand, dresser with mirror, and chest along with my rocking chair, trunk, and jewely chest, I still have plenty of room.  I was able to get all my clothes in the drawers and have space leftover.  (This does not include marvin t-shirts and such which are in the closet on the shelf.)  Even though the kitchen is small, I like the layout and the stove works great.  It heats up very quickly and water boils in just a few minutes.  The living room is long but fits my giant new couch along with the t.v. and my desk.  The office area in that room is still pretty much unpacked because I really need a bookshelf of some kind.  I’ll probably pick something up on payday.  Josh’s room is smaller than his old room, but he was able to fit all of his stuff including my old desk and a new bookshelf.  I do miss having a pet door, but Max has learned to scratch when he needs out.  I force Mollie to go out several times a day.  She’s had a few accidents thus far.  I was worried about Lucy adjusting to using a cat box because she has pretty much always gone outside as she pleased.  But she has adjusted fairly well though it seems she gets a little stir crazy sometimes.  She uses her litter box with no problem.  I have let her out in the backyard some, but she doesn’t like being out the much because there’s a very large dog that barks in the yard directly behind us.  I haven’t been able to park my car in the garage yet since it is full of the empty boxes and extra stuff right now.  I still haven’t figured out the universal remote control they left for me to use. 

We finally got some rain here.  A storm rolled through tonight which is a relief.  I was trying to figure out if I should water the grass.  I haven’t really seen neighbors watering and I wasn’t sure if there was a water ban.  Not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow.  I should still do some unpacking and perhaps start hanging stuff on the walls.  I did get some hooks and things done in my bathroom.  Even though it is bigger, it seems I have less counter space because I have two sinks instead of one. 

I think I may head back to Canyon next weekend.  I need to finish draining my waterbed there and move it to a different room.  I also need to pick up a few things that I left there in addition to bringing my brother’s dolly back to him. 

I found a new addiction – online jigsaw puzzles.  Just what I need – something to occupy my time for hours and hours.  I guess it is time for me to go to bed – though I might have to do just one more puzzle.


Leann said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to fork out that kind of money on top of moving. Oregon does not have an inspection thing on their cars. I'm sure we probably should based on some of the exhaust fumes I've seen and rust buckets that cruise the roads.

Have fun with the puzzles!!

Blessed be.

Anonymous said...

BUsy busy busy ... :)