Friday, August 19, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere

It’s been a busy week.  I’m learning the ropes as a librarian – mostly on my own, but keeping busy with that.  When I’m not doing that, I’m dealing with other stuff.  Finally got air conditioning fixed on Tuesday.  That meant another hot day on Monday.  I bought more fans and a thermometer.  It got up to 92 degrees in my house.  I also finally got cable installed.  The technician that came out restored some of my faith in Time Warner.  Still not happy about the first two incidents, but this guy took care of everything and even left me his personal cell if something went wrong.

Had a librarian meeting on Tuesday, Faculty meetings all day Wednesday, workday on Thursday, Textbook training this morning, then work day this afternoon. 

Tonight I’m in Sweetwater, TX as I’m heading back to Canyon for a brief trip to get a few things done.  I’ll get there sometime tomorrow morning, then I have to pick up a wet vac from my brother so that I can finish draining the waterbed and get it moved.  Then I have to meet with the teacher that is now going to be doing yearbook at Hereford.  After that I may go to church in Canyon.  I’m going to head back halfway Saturday evening and drive the rest of the way Sunday morning.  Then Monday is the first day of school for students.  Things are starting to move pretty fast.  I’m ready to get fully unpacked and settled in – but probably won’t happen anytime soon. 

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Jamie said...

Your life right now sound exhausting, and yet you write so easy, sound like you take it all in stride. I admire your ability to let it all come together without panic attacks. :)

Hang in - keep going, you are doing awesome. Hugs.