Monday, August 08, 2011

Home Sweet New Home

I am officially in San Antonio.  We packed up everything on Friday.  I’m glad I got the biggest truck because we packed it full in addition to filling up Josh’s car and the back of my uncle’s truck.  The drive was a little slower because of the truck so it took 10 hours instead of 8.  We got in around 7:30 and unloaded.  My friend Brent came from Austin and helped.  My ex-husband Richard also came around 8:45 to help as well.  I ordered pizza for everyone.  Unloaded was easier than loading but then I faced the daunting task of unpacking.  Yesterday I got up before everyone else and got a good portion of the kitchen unloaded.  My aunt, uncle, and I returned the truck yesterday morning though we had a difficult time finding a place to fill the tank with diesel.  They headed up to Austin around 10:30 and I spent the rest of the day unpacking.  It wasn’t very focused – I would start in a box and unload stuff for one room, then switch to another and so forth – but that works for me.  I still have a lot of boxes to deal with, but I’ll get there. 

We are all adjusting pretty well – referring to myself, Josh, and the animals.  Lucy (the cat) and Mollie (female dog) have been clingy.  Max is doing just fine and was happy to get to go for a ride and then be in a new place.  Mollie had a couple of accidents on the carpet – not having a pet door is a new thing for all of us.  I’m putting her outside now a few times a day whether she wants to go or not so hopefully she is learning.  Max already has it figured out.  He scratches at the back door if he wants to go out.  I got Lucy a litter box because I figured she may not want to go out much with a big dog in the yard behind us.  She can’t see him, but can certainly hear his deep bark.  He seems to be a pretty big dog.  All three of the animals slept with me last night on the air bed.  I enjoyed their company, but slept in a weird position or something because my back is sore today.  (Or it could be from all the unpacking.)  I took some tylenol a little while ago and hope it helps.

Yesterday Josh and I went to Walmart and loaded up on groceries since we didn’t really have anything in the house other than beer, wine, softdrinks, and water.  I spent $176.  I hope the food will last a while.  Cable and internet guy is supposed to come sometime this morning.  Right now I’m “borrowing” someone’s unsecured wireless connection. 

I think Josh really likes the house and has found some positive aspects about being in this area.  He likes the city-base that is close by that has a Best Buy and all sorts of shopping areas.  He likes that there are a more variety of radio stations having found both a jazz and classical music station.  When we first got here, he said “This is a really nice house.”  He already has his room mostly set up.  Though it is smaller, he has everything placed where it works.  He bought himself a nice 24 inch flat screen tv yesterday and a new wireless keyboard and mouse for his computer. 

Marty is probably going to come over tomorrow and help us with getting the current washer and dryer out and into the garage and bring in my new washer and dryer.  Since he has a truck, we are also going to pick up my furniture.  My new mattress will be delivered on Thursday – really looking forward to that.

Well, I guess this is enough for a post today.  I gotta get back to unpacking so that there will be some order in the house soon.  I don’t want to live in boxes for months.  I am discovering that in spite of the size of the house, I’m lacking some storage – especially drawers.  Or maybe I just have too much stuff! 


Leann said...

It's good to hear you talk through the process of unpacking and I imagine helps you to remain focused. Those little reminders are often times nice. Have you made a list of the things you still want to get? :-) The animals will adjust. I'm sure being in one spot for so long, this kind of move has been a bit traumatic for them, especially as their house was upside down for a bit prior to the move. I hope you get it all put together and it's nice to hear Josh has a positive outlook as well. He is his mother's son :-)

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Patti said...

Welcome home! ;)

Jamie said...

Because I am not there, your move sounds really easy. But NO move is ever easy, especially once across half of the country. I am envious - I am moving across town and wish so much the actual moving part was behind me. Want to get yours all finished and come help with mine? Yeah, I didn't think so. LOL

Have fun putting the new place together. I think there is such satisfaction in doing it.

Hugs, friend. :)