Monday, September 26, 2011

Figuring it out

I was very proud of myself today for figuring out how to process books without having marc records ready to import.  I had to locate the record using one program, modify it, save it, then continue the process for each book I had.  Then I had to export the file into another program that checks the records for accuracy and then export them again.  Finally I imported them into the catalog database.  From there I had to print labels with bar codes and that took some figuring out because they didn’t seem to print correctly.  I finally deduced that the pdf file is reduced for some reason, so I printed from a different file and it came out perfect.  Then I printed spine labels and put them on all the books.  You’d be amazed at what goes into getting books out on the shelves.  Not only does it involve getting the catalog information into the catalog, but there’s a barcode label, spine label, then stamping the book with the library’s name in several locations, then writing the barcode in two places in the book and the call number.  It is a rather lengthy process when you do it all from scratch.  Luckily the large order that came in this summer already had the barcode and spine labels done.  But it was still an ordeal to get them all stamped and such.  Luckily I had some students help.  The next step is to be able to get marc records from other sources or to create them myself.  Now I’ve got to see how much I remember from my cataloging class. 

I stayed a little late today because I had some teachers using the lab and I was finishing up a few books.  I left school around 5:00 but then realized I left my purse and cell phone at school so I had to go back.  I got home around 5:30 and started some dinner.  I called my dad to visit with him and asked him if he was interested in going to Vegas for Thanksgiving.  I think he might be interested.  My sister is interested too.  I went ahead and booked my flight today.  I used my SW airline miles so it only cost me $5.00.  I also booked the hotel.  Josh is going to book his own flight and pay for the show tickets.  So I guess it’s settled that we’re going to Vegas – just need to find an animal/house sitter for while we’re gone.


Jamie said...

Vegas at Tgiving sounds like a perfect plan. JEALOUS!

Have a great Tuesday. :)

Patti said...

Thanksgiving in Canada is coming up fast, and I haven't even made plans yet! You're ahead of the game. :)

Anonymous said...

Books ... they are dangerous, even when they are caged in libraries.
How is the signatur found? A typical around here would be "10/NZ 960040 K26 - 1/2", or something like "Rp XXIV, 3326" (in fact the softies nowadays make it "Rp 24 ... " - ba!)
This all is part of the library job, I am glad to see you doing new things, new tasks. And all this computer-wizzardry is amazing!