Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loving the job

I’m finding that there still aren’t enough hours in the day, but I love the work I’m doing.  I’ve continued to update the school website.  I’ve integrated an online calendar to show the library schedule.  I dug up historical information on the school to create a history page.  I was able to upload the records for the new books I have so now I can get them on the shelves.  I know how to add the other books I have as well.  I still have stuff to go through (boxes I brought from home) and some things to organize, but all of it is going well.  I love having the time to do all of this.  This is what I liked to do when I was teaching, but never had time for it. 

To clarify for Mago regarding the animals: the real estate company had the expectation that when they come to inspect the property that they do not have to encounter animals that I guess could be potentially dangerous.  Of course my dogs would just bark and then lick them to death.  So they wanted me to either put them outside, or in cage, or have them kenneled.  Since the weather is still reaching 100 degrees most days, I would not leave them outside.  So I just created a barricade for them with the boxes.  They weren’t happy about it, but it worked.

I started reading my Kindle again.  I’m on the next Jack Reacher series book.  I’ve missed reading.  I think I will do a little tonight before going to bed.  I don’t know if I haven’t been sleeping well or just not getting enough sleep.  I was really tired again this morning.  For some reason traffic was really horrible today.  Even though it is a short drive, it was really congested getting onto I-37.  Luckily it’s not very far so I wasn’t stuck in traffic and it did keep moving.  Tomorrow I have to head up to the center of town for some more library training.  That means I’m going to hit traffic coming home. 

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