Friday, September 30, 2011

TGIF – I think

Glad this week is over for some reason.  It’s not really the job, just ready for a break in general.  The book fair was going on in the library all week so it is has been taken over a bit.  But it’s good to see students buying a few books – and I had more students also checking out books when they came to the book fair.  I was able to pick out some free books for the library as well.  I got a call from my rental company the other day.  Seems the homeowners association wasn’t happy about some weeds in my yard.  I mowed the yard since they sent a complaint letter, but even after just a week, the weeds are back.  They’re little thin strands that seem to grow a couple of inches a day.  I’ll have to mow again tomorrow.  Wish Andrew lived close by – I’d hire him to mow my yard for me. 

Tomorrow I’m going to drive up to the Northwest part of town to drop off my rent check and to do some shopping.  I’m doing library orientations next week and want to be able to give out prizes – and I can’t give out candy but thought I might get some pencils or something.  Other than that, no plans this weekend.  Just going to take it easy I think. 

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Anonymous said...

You should consider trying to find a cheap gardener in your area to come once a month, since they probably have weed killer tricks up their sleeve.