Friday, September 09, 2011

First big plans in the city

Last night I bought tickets to see Journey in concert.  They will be in San Antonio on September 21st.  I’m probably going with Marty if he can get the time off.  If not, I’ll take my friend Brent or find someone else to go with me.  It was a pretty big expense, but I think it will be worth it.  One of the reasons why I was excited to be moving to a big city was having the opportunity to do things like this – go to concerts, plays, and such.  There were limited opportunities back in Amarillo.  And I’m such and 80’s music fan, I think it will be awesome. 

I started playing with stuff on the school website creation.  So far it is simple enough.  I will really want to get in a try to do more with it though.  I think I need to learn more html.  But that’s something I’ll work on next week. 

I’m starting to get more business in the library.  I checked out more books today.  I should probably make an announcement that the library is open.  I sent out an email to all the teachers regarding the library policy.  I’m thinking of planning a day where I invite all the teachers and have snacks and stuff and talk to them about the library and how it can support their curriculum.  I also have grand plans for integrating more technology. 

So I came home and made some dinner and now I’m just watching House Hunters on t.v.  I had a beer and am just relaxing. 


Jamie said...

Yea for Journey tix! Yes, I'm sure you'll love it--

I'll bet the teachers would love a get together in your library. Have you had the chance to get to know any of them yet?

I hope this weekend is very peaceful and relaxing - but get out and do something fun! Hugs, friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the teachers can clarify what they expect, what they could use etc. I think this would be a very fine gesture, to ask them and listen to their answers, and you would introduce yourself in a nice way.