Thursday, September 22, 2011

Need Sleep

It’s been a busy week but glad tomorrow is Friday.  When I got home from school on Tuesday, I was pretty exhausted.  I went to band rehearsal in spite of wanting to go to bed.  On the way there I felt an allergy attack coming on so I stopped at a convenience store to get some claritin and head it off.  It seemed to work.  When I got to rehearsal, the lady I’ve been sitting next to suggested that I move up because the first chair player didn’t seem to be there.  But he did show up so I thought I was safe.  But somehow I ended up moving to the first row sitting second chair anyway.  I did pretty well but will have to practice some depending on what we end up playing.   At least I’m not sitting next to the lady with the horrible sound any more.  And now I’m sitting next to the oboe player that I teach at the same school with.  So at least now I can be more sociable.  I didn’t get home until after 10 an didn’t get to sleep until after 11:00 because I read.

Wednesday morning I made a point to get up early to get to school and set up all the mobile computers for the math testing that needed to be completed.  I got them all set up and then found out that they weren’t going to be testing and they “forgot” to tell me, but thanked me for being flexible.  I was a little irritated by that. But I left right at 4:30 and came home to meet Marty.  We went to the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner.  They had a special featuring spaghetti with meatsauce for only $5.  So we had that, I had a glass of wine, and then shared dessert.  Then we headed to the AT&T center for the concert. 

I thought our seats were pretty good.  The concert started with Night Ranger who played for about 30 minutes.  Then Foreigner played for almost an hour.  I thought Foreigner was pretty awesome.  I knew all but one of their songs.  Journey was good, and the new lead singer does sound a lot like Steve Perry, but he isn’t a great showman.  His stage presence was really awkward.  But the music was awesome though maybe even a bit loud.  But we both enjoyed the concert.  We got back around 11:30.  Marty headed back to Austin and I headed to bed.

I was really tired this morning.  I didn’t get to school until right at 8:00.  Then a lady came in and expected to use the library for some training and hadn’t planned it but since the math testing wasn’t going on, I made the accommodation for her.  It was a busy day as always.  I left around 4:45, stopped at the store then came home.  Made some dinner.  I’ve watched some t.v. and will go to bed really soon.  I took a tylenol p.m. about an hour ago and it’s starting to hit.  Tomorrow I’m going to a conference at the education service center and need to get up early again. 

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Patti said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this! But it sounds like life is good, and I'm really happy for you for that. :)