Sunday, March 26, 2006

Being crafty

I have actually been using my craft room. I made a curtain for my bathroom window. I am also working on curtains for my bedroom, but had to wait to get thread. At the speech tournament this weekend I was able to almost finish crocheting a baby blanket. I have another one started. (Two of the speech teachers in this area are pregnant.) Yesterday I spent time making rosaries for my RCIA class. I also went out in search of shoes to wear with my Easter dress. I haven't found anything. I have something I can wear as a backup, but I really wanted to find something new. I found a gorgeous pair at JC Penny's that would have been perfect except they were really uncomfortable.
My team did well on Friday. We have 11 students qualified to go on to Regional competition. It was a long night though. I didn't get home until about 12:15. Luckily, I did sleep in on Saturday. I didn't get out of bed until 10:00.
Today I went to Church and sang in the choir. Then I finished making some rosaries. I need to tidy up a bit and do a little laundry. At least it's not overwhelming.
Here's the 4th paper of the persoal profile project:

I have many moments in the past 36 years that I find memorable. Some are happy while others are not. One of the most vivid is the time I was hit by a car and broke my neck. I also remember giving birth to my son on my 21st birthday. My engagement and wedding were also quite memorable. My mother’s memorial service was a difficult time but also something I will never forget. Meeting my high school boyfriend after fourteen years was also very interesting. To choose one moment to write about is a difficult task, but I will write about attending my first Catholic Mass.

Although I had attended mostly Baptist churches growing up I did attend Episcopal services from time to time. So when I went to my first Catholic Mass on Palm Sunday last year, it was not completely unfamiliar. It took me several months to even call someone at the church to get information about potentially joining. Once I did call, I received an invitation from a very nice lady and decided to take the plunge. It was a little unusual because at the time, the church was holding Mass in their reception hall. They were building a new church and so it was strange to not be in what I would call a normal place of worship. It was still very interesting, however. It involved a lot of sitting and standing, but we only kneeled once giving the circumstances of not being in regular pews, but rather folding chairs.

There was a lot of familiarity because of my experience of attending Episcopalian services that are very similar. I even knew a few of the responses. I did feel a little out of place since I didn’t know a lot of the recitations like the Nicene Creed, the Gloria and such. I also knew that I could not receive communion, but I did go up and get a blessing. Although I felt a little strange throughout the service, I did enjoy it very much. Although a Catholic Mass is very different than the services I was used to, it seemed to be very reverent and much more holy.

After the service was over, I went to breakfast with the lady who had invited me and we had a long conversation about my background. It turned out that I went to school with her daughter and I didn’t even know it. Since that service I have been attending mass regularly only missing a few times when I have been out of town. The more I went, the more I understood and after about six weeks I had all of the responses down. It seems that just by attending Mass, I slowly began to change and started to understand God’s will and knew it was just right. I never had one of those “Come to Jesus” moments, but it was more a soft nudging that led me to the realization that becoming Catholic was the good and right thing for me to do. I was not certain when I attended my first Mass, but after a few months I had no doubt about it. Sometimes I am amazed at how God chooses to work in our lives. I feel that I am truly blessed.

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