Friday, March 31, 2006


Giving up soft drinks for Lent has been hard. I have not had a coke since February 28. I have been drinking tea to give me that caffeine boost as needed, but I can really feel it when I don't have any. Today I only had water during lunch and by the time I got home from school today, I was exhausted. Of course Josh was STARVING and had to have food immediately. He wanted subway today and had some coupons, but I told him that I couldn't eat there today since it's a Friday. (Abstinence) So I made him some hamburger helper and than I took a nap. I got up to take him to a soccer game tonight, but I'm still tired. I went to Wendy's and got a side salad and some fries.
Yesterday Josh had a piano lesson. I think he's doing really well. After that I brought him home and then had choir rehearsal from 7-9. I still really enjoy taking part in singing some really beautiful music. I also picked up some clarinet music to play in showcase next week. I have to start practicing it. I did decide to take a personal day off on Thursday next week. Showcase is next Friday night. Josh is beside himself because he is going to miss it. He is leaving for a band trip next week.
And that's all the excitement going on here. I wish I had something interesting or profound to share, but life is pretty dull at the moment.

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