Saturday, March 18, 2006

work, work, work...

O.k. I admit I did take a nap this afternoon. But I did tackle the extra room that has now become my craft room. I sorted things, cleaned out a dresser that is now holding my craft supplies, put things into nifty compartments, and now I'm ready to do crafts! O.k. maybe not.. I'll probably do as I did last night and play on my laptop. I didn't watch a movie or clean the room last night. But I did clean all day today. I may even post more pictures of my amazing work! I am still not caught up on laundry, but I'll get there eventually. I'm now down to things that aren't that crucial.. some extra blankets and things that I need to wash eventually.
I'm really going to have to get a life where I don't post about my house cleaning and laundry. It would be nice if I could go on a date or something. My ex-husband just complimented me on some of my new pictures that I posted on my yahoo profile. I guess that's a good thing... makes me feel good that he still finds me attractive... just wish someone locally would as well. I still think I'm a pretty good catch, I just keep getting messages from weirdos though. Last one was a truck driver in Arkansas that couldn't spell. And I'm still talking to the other guy in San Antonio. He seems nice enough and he's Catholic... but he lives 500 miles away. I still haven't talked to him on my phone, but told him he could hear my voice on my blog.
And that's all the excitement in my world. No dates. No adventures. Just cleaning, chatting, watching t.v., napping, shopping, cleaning, laundry. But at least I'm not grading papers.

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