Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring Break is Here!

I am so relieved to have the week off. It's just been one of those times where when you really, really need a break, it finally happens. I am still a bit busy this weekend, but I have some big plans for some laziness this week. And some other plans that are not so lazy. Today I went to a retreat at the church. It was a really nice day and I'll probably write something about it in my Catholic blog. Tomorrow I have mass and then in the afternoon will be the Rite of Continuing Conversion. Monday I have to take my dog back to the vet to make sure his eyes are getting better. Next week I hope to get some things done that have been put off waaayy too long. My laptop should also arrive either Monday or Tuesday next week. I also ordered the extra software I needed. I went ahead and splurged a bit and got the complete Microsoft office web design suite that includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, and FrontPage. Because I am a teacher I was able to get it at a pretty good discount for $265.
I also hope to do more blog writing this week since I will have more time. I have seriously neglected my other blog and hope to update quite a bit. I also have not written Prison Pete in a long time and I am going to try to get a letter out to him. I still have a package I had intended on sending Marty at one point (like around Thanksgiving). I haven't heard from him in forever and heard that he had gallbladder surgery, but I did promise to send him some things and want to keep my word. That's a whole other blog in itself, but will save it for another time.


latibug said...

I am glad that you are going to enjoy your time off. I understand the much needed break. I wish I worked for the schools and could have those built in breaks...LOL.

Anyway, I saw that you were going to write Prison Pete. I have started reading his blog. Can you email me and tell me a little more about him. I would like to correspond, but want some details first. You can email me through my blog (see link called Email me).


Summer said...

I know you need a rest because sometimes when I read your blog, *I* get tired. Haha! Enjoy your time off. You so deserve it.

Susanlee said...

Yay Spring Break! LoL it's funny that I get excited when I hear the words because I haven't actually been off for Spring Break since Jr. High...In HS i always had OAP rehearsal and in College there was usually a play going on and now...well now I have a job that doesn't recognize the sanctity of SB. bleh! Hope you have a great week!!